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We have some really exciting news! We didn't want anyone to miss out on being a part of Create 2018 because they weren't able to get a ticket, so we are having a private online option available! It will cost, but you will be able to watch the conference from the comfort of your home (if you have a strong internet connection...which is very important). 


  • You can sign up below by clicking the Purchase Channel Ticket button!

  • Check out our Tips and Tricks

  • Read our FAQs below!

Watching with a Group? Great Idea!
We have special rates just for you.

Tips and Tricks


Register above by clicking the Purchase Channel Ticket button!


You'll need a strong Internet connection! If you would like to check your connection, you can visit If you get below 3Mbps on your download speed, you will most likely need to find another location to connect to the internet.


Test your link! Make sure it all is working properly before Create!


Sit back, participate, watch and enjoy Create 2018.



We know God has great things in store for the Create Conference, and we hope you can join us for it.

For ticket purchases, Click the Purchase Channel Ticket button found under the video section!

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